Is Georgia’s CCRPI, Broke? A Conclusion Based on Facts


Conclusion: The state’s College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) is a flawed view of Georgia’s schools.

Reasons why:

One, Content Mastery.

The state’s standards (“assessment standards,” not curriculum standards) for English, Maths, Science, and Social Studies as measured by Milestones are mostly Failing Grades. And mathematically those Performance Levels, are not what Stakeholders are lead to believe.

Two, Progress.

Close to 80% of Third thorough Twelfth-grade students in Georgia were left behind in 2019, with no specifically allocated time in the State’s one-hundred eighty-day Curriculum for Remediation. And based on the Data (in hand) provided by the Georgia Department of Education, supermajorities of children have been left behind every year from 2007 through 2019.

If Remediation is not a part of the process, how can the students show growth when students did not acquire significant portions of the curriculum, or have gaps in the progressive knowledge required to show growth?

And you cannot show growth unless the state is tracking students by Graduation Cohorts, which is not how the results are presented to Stakeholders. Generally, what is presented, is a comparison and contrast (just like we were supposed to do in English Class) of two different Graduation Cohorts.

Three, Closing Gaps.

The Gaps, while technically correct are inflated. Depending on the grade or discipline the inflation factor is frequently five or larger, from a scale of zero to one-hundred. We are a lot closer when looking at Total Groups using a zero to one-hundred scale, than what Education Authorities let Stakeholders believe.

Four, Readiness.

The evaluation of what schools offer beyond regular classes may be the only reasonable measurement in the CCRPI.

Five, Graduation Rate.

How can Graduation rates be so high, when the study of the last thirteen years of Georgia’s assessments shows an estimated 80 percent of the students graduating from high school left without the basic level of education expected of a high school graduate. How is gifting a student with a certificate of graduation that is not worth the value of a high school level education doing a service to the students, their family, or anyone?

Because a supermajority of the scaled scores shows failing results when mathematically converted to Grades.

For 2019 examples:

2019 Georgia Milestones Elementary Scores as Grades

2019 Georgia Milestones Middle School Scores as Grades

2019 Georgia Milestones High School Scores as Grades

Georgia Scores an F on 2019 SAT


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