Drinking the Kool-Aide and Thinking

It’s after 1:00 pm in my time zone, and I am preparing breakfast.

My sleep and woke cycles have shifted again.

While I was drinking the kool-aide this morning during breakfast preparations, I wondered if there was a fount of knowledge to be found on social media.

And what is it with this negativity business about drinking the kool-aide.

I like cool-aide. I especially like mixing grape and apple-flavored kool-aide.

So let me ask you an important question. Just for my edification.

Especially since we have all been in the current medical pandemic together:

Do you think it’s too early to start singing Christmas songs?

Or am I being too hopeful?

What do you think?

Not sure. Ask your friends and neighbors. We are all in this together whether we want to be or not.

Peace. Be Well. And do Good!