2021 SAT Henry County Schools Understandable Results

2021 SAT results as released is intentionally laid camouflage, of technically correct misinformation, generally understood only by Psychometricians. The Afterclap is metaphorically like a lifeguard to rescue you from the collateral damage misinformation undertow.

The Afterclap’s work is unconventional, unorthodox, and controversial. Unorthodox because our audience is the public, not academics and psychometricians. Unconventional because the translations are easily understood. Unorthodox because the translations are self-explanatory based on the publics’ personal experience in school. And Controversial because the mathematical translations show a significant disconnect between education authorities’ explanations and a “Report Card Grade.” As to the math formulae, it is as old as ancient Rome.

President Ronald Reagan used the Russian proverb, “Doveryai, no proveryai” [ do-ve-RYAI NO pro-ve-RYAI ] “trust, but verify” while in office. The Afterclap, unlike public, private, or government education authorities, encourages you to “doveryai, no proveryai.”

At The Afterclap, we do not compare different cohorts. We hold this comparison to be an “academic fallacy” perpetrated on the public. And we have this position, not because we know everything about each cohort. We hold this position because we know that beyond apparent similarities, each cohort is alien to each other academically, socially, and scientifically down to their collective DNA., and insufficient data is collected to make any comparison.

Henry County Schools, District, and Georgia’s Composite Report Card Grades:

Dutchtown                   53

Eagle’s Landing          54

Hampton                      48

Locust Grove               52

Luella                             51

McDonough                46

Ola                                  57

Stockbridge                 49

Union Grove               58

Woodland                    50

School System            52

State                               56

We could have separated the results into ERW and Mathematics, but the results would not improve.

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Source: Henry County Press Release # 0013-09-2021